Quotes added on Wednesday, March 8 2017

My condolences

I'll shed a tear

with your family

I'll open a bottle up,

Pour a little bit out

in your memory

I'll be at the wake

dressed in all black

I'll call out your name,

but you won't call back

I'll hand a flower to your mother

when I say goodbye

Cause, baby,

you're dead to me
I want to talk but...
...cant find the words
Be concerned with your joy. Be utterly concerned with your joy, be only concerned with your joy.
Everything else is non-essential. 
Rather than thinking how to get love, start giving. If you give, you get. There is no other way. 
Today i'm hurting extra for the peace that comes with being disconnected. 
Discomfort is a sign of a great journey, a higher calling and new blessings. You will find joy + you will endure.
Gratitude for the uncomfortable moments because there is a promise of growth on the other side. Gratitude at the centre of it all.
and i'm quietest when i want to tell you something and i put up walls when i want to let you in and i run away when i need you the most. this is how i learned to love but you already know that

 when it feels like you are
walking on water

​well when i went to see you today
it was so upset everyone cry
im trying to hold back my tears
to be there for everyone else
i can lose you
your a big part of my life and i would
be lost without you here
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