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guess whos back? back again
I showed up at your door, it was a late Sunday afternoon. You were probably on a break from studying when you answered the door. I still remember your face. Your eyes grew so wide as you took me in. I was a crying mess. To you, is where I always find comfort. Your arms are the best remedy to a bad day. Thank you for wiping my tears, thank you for making it better. I didn't even call ahead, I should have, but you didn't mind. You pretended you had all the time in the world. We stayed up all night, just talking. I wish you would have told me you had a test the next morning. You listened to each word and when you didn't have the answers you just hugged me tighter. Thank you for that. I'm sorry you did badly on your test. I should have called ahead of time.
I woke up to a late night text saying you missed my face. I told you I saw you earlier in class, but you still missed me. You had a long day, you wanted to cuddle. I laughed and told you good night. I got a whiny call the next minute after. I couldn't help giggling, I probably sounded so annoyingly smitten. I hung up and was there in the next ten minutes or so. I'm easily persuaded when it's you. I can drop anything when it's for you. I'm wrapped around your finger, I'd do anything for you. No lie, I'd do it all if you need me to. But don't get too cocky, I've got you good too. I love making you the small spoon because it's funny, you pretend you're doing it for me, but I know you like feeling tiny. You're so cozy. You're so cool. I'd never shower you with this many compliments if I was in front of you. I'd call you a needy loser, while hugging you closer. Ah, I hate you.
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you know I like you don't you ...
Do you really need to hear me say it?

Because I'm afraid that I know what you will say
it's gonna break me isn't it

"Do I make you wanna dance real slow?

Go flyin' down a two lane road?

Find a limb to hang your clothes?

Do I make you wanna let your hair down

Play a little truth or dare now

Act just like you don't care now

Girl when I come around tell me

Do I make you wanna?"

Being in Love with two people is the worst. Because you have to choose, and no matter what someone is always hurt... You never know which one really loves you back, which one you have a beautiful future with, which one is right.. Because to you they are both perfect. So you sit and break your own heart.

how is it you never notice that you are slowly killing me
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