Quotes added on Monday, March 27 2017

When someone influences you to think negatively, they take Charge of your Life and will lead you to Destruction.
At night is the worst... it's when the loneliness kicks in..
Although things seemed to get easier, I still find myself exhausted from pushing myself through the day.
What if you don't love me the way i love you?

Do you hear my cries at night when you go to sleep? Do you see the sadness in my eyes when you hurt me? Do you wonder how i feel or if i'm doing ok? I don't think you care enough to even try to understand. But I don't mind. Aslong as you're happy who cares about me?
I wish that when I close my eyes, my mind would go quiet.
Someday, maybe not today or tomorrow or the day after. But maybe one day, i will be ok.
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