Quotes added on Thursday, March 30 2017

Why waste Life trying to have more than what we need. Why not rather Enjoy Life by using what we have.
Never ruin a good day By thinking about a bad yesterday. LET IT GO
Every time I feel like I have hit bottom, the ground breaks beneath my feet
How cool would it be to have a Witty app?
Let's get 50 likes to show Steve :)
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and for some reason, I always felt a little more when I would hear you laugh
if you are true to yourself you can never go wrong
Because whats happening soon? Youre still leaving?
Yeah I told you this?
I’m sorry mom and dad, I know I make you sad. I’m sorry to all my friends, that my sadness never ends. My life is just a mess and I spend the day depressed, but it’s just because of so much stress in my chest, and these chemicals in my mind are anything but kind, but I keep letting you down when you guys aren’t around, and some days I just want to isolate myself and not need any help, and I’m sorry for plaguing you with my sadness and this eternal madness, I should’ve done better, but I can’t seem to get things together, you can call me an attention seeker if you want, but you don’t understand how it hurts so much, I’m sorry mom I fücked up, I’m sorry I was never enough. All I’ve ever been is a problem and I tried my best to stop them. But there’s this chaos inside of me that ignited this fire you see, and I can’t seem to put it out no matter how loud I scream or shout. I am full of positivity and smiles but even that’s been gone for a while, and now I feel the world collapsing as it’s hanging on its axis. I’m sorry I’m just a soul with issues and I make you cry so you need to use your tissues, and I just come with more and more and make everything so sore. I’m sorry to myself the most, the fact that I became a ghost, that I lost my purpose and let the world hurt so much, but I’m lost and can’t figure out what to do and I’m too afraid to tell you. Flashbacks of last year haunt me, and my memories they taunt me and after staying strong for ever so long, I’ve finally accepted everything is wrong.
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