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People are so busy making money that they forget they will leave it all behind. When we depart, we only take with us the good we do in this world.
Beer is like the Sun.

It rises in the yeast, and sets in the Waist 🍺
I thought you changed your mind; didnt sleep all night thinking about everything I use to fear with you leaving. Its crazy. How am I supposed to promise you anything like actually living my life when I dont even know what its like to really live because the only definition of life I know is what we showed to eachother. The f*cking love we had for eachother is so unreal that it hurts my chest to think about it. I can promise you this though. My love for you will never die. My memories of you and us, those will never leave my mind; no matter how bad I wish they could or they would.. They wont leave. &' Yeah about Gilbert; I found out that morning and my heart sank. I dont know if its because he was my first boyfriend or maybe because I thought he was working on a better life; but the whole situation is sh*tty. I just dont think about it. &' With my focus on blocking that out, apparently that has opened the flood gates to the entrance of our memories.
What's worse than a girl falling asleep during s3x?

A girl waking up during s3x.
I'm sorry. I thought he was working on a better life too.
No didn't change my mind its just been a really really long process. Suppose to pay my car off but think once I show that I've been making payments they'll waive it.
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i will never change myself to

 be easier for someone to deal with.

You should know what it's like to live without me by now. Though don't think you've really lived since your bf is a physcopath but whatever right?
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