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I just want to talk to you but don't know what to write. When I see your post I wish they'd never end. No matter what they say. I'm about to be 2o dude, and I'm honestly not the least bit excited. Don't want to do anything. I remember when you turned 18 and cried lol and I just smiled and laughed. Dang where has the time went. I was just talking to madi about issac taking her driving helping her learn. I remember when that was us. Being thrown back and forth while you let the car eventually stall lol. I see us in them so much but idk whether I should be scarred or happy for them. 
Enthusiasm builds Faith; Enthusiasm generates Hope; Enthusiasm is a Power that will make you cope!
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Boy gets a truck,
                                 TRUCK GETS A GIRL
Girl gets a midnight feeling he's the one;
one night turns to love,
down payment on a three bedroom house
filled with the sound of little feet;
THEN YOU BLINK              
and he's asking for the keys to pick her up
Boy gets a truck.

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forever a fool when it comes to love, falling for strangers' smiles or even the way they dance like no one is watching. i’m even more of a fool when your eyes catch mine and how you make my heart dance.
Younger me really thought by now I'd have friends I could share everything with. But I don't. And so now I wonder if I ever will have such close friends. Other times I don't mind so much, I have my internet friends who I can chat to regardless of Timezone. But other times, I just want someone there to pour my all to and getting a hug from a friend is nice too. I don't know why it's all coming at once today. I have a friend but she says things that rub me the wrong way. I don't like her tone and how she's so dependant. She has lots of friends, I don't know why she's sticking by me. I know why. It's because we have history. Friends since forever. But I'm more than ready to say goodbye to years of friendship, especially if we're not the same anymore. Ah,
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There will always be someone who is tired of the man/woman that you want....

No one is special

My mom is'nt Buddah even though she wants to be

It's been almost two years.
somehow everything still revolves around you,
but I still don't exist to you
i am here
i am alive
i have a family
i have people around me
the sky is blue
the ground is green
my voice can be heard
i am safe

i am here
i am not alive
i do not have a family
i do not have people around me
the sky is black
the ground is black
my voice cannot be heard
no one can save me

where am i?
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