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Was gunna ask you to come see my place but I dont think any of that would be a good idea.
Yeah not while you're still messn' with your boy

"I am soft, strong, and smart.

Soft enough to care, strong enough to
handle it, and smart enough to know
when to walk away."

Someone you don't even know
is rooting for you, while someone
you know isn't.


I'm guilty of giving people
more chances than they deserve.
But when I'm done, I'm done.



"I won't beg someone to love me.
I learned long ago that there is no
use in hopeless pleas of trying to
make someone stay. I am too good
to chase someone who does not
know my worth and I am too wild
to keep waiting for someone who
doesn't acknowledge my value. I
want to be loved unconditionally. I
shouldn't have to fight so hard for it.
I do not have the time to prove to
someone that I am worth it. I should
not have to prove any of that ; I am
worth more than that."

I'm so afraid of marriage

what if you marry someone and have kids with them
and then they decide they don't love you anymore. It's


You're playing with fire and you're gonna get burned.
People think differently about Life after Death; some agree and some disagree. But everyone agrees that Death is certain. The challenge is TO LIVE before we die.
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