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So when are you finally going to start actually telling me?
I dont know where to start. Just want to talk in person I guess.
love and understanding is all we need please
Welp I've tried to see you and you never come through so
Theres no way to unless you come here and thatd be dangerous so idk.
What do you mean there's no way?

We always snap chat so I have to be home &' cant be public cause he knows everyone

Who drinks alcohol because they like the taste? Everyone wants to get drunk to forget. Who smokes weed because they like the taste? They smoke it because it makes them happier. Why does the girl stay with her cheating boyfriend? Because when hes not cheating he makes her happy; even though its toxic and its poisonous. Who sniffs norcos? Cocaine? Its to feel high because it just doesnt matter anymore. Low life. Dont even feel bad for me. At what point did I even make it seem like I wanted your sympathy? I told you I didnt want to rope you back in. Didnt want to start things. Im sorry. I thought you were still the only person that understood me. But youre right. I probably wont talk to you again for another four months. I dont even know anymore because the one thing I thought would have made everything better for me was ripped away from me right in front of my eyes. So if youre mad at me for being upset then fine. If youre mad at me because I threw my life away. Fine. Im so far gone that I honestly dont think itd be worth trying to find my way back.
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and the story's got  dust on every page.

But sometimes I wonder    
                  HOW YOU THINK ABOUT IT NOW;
and I see your face in every crowd.
'Cause darling,    it was good,
and right there where we stood was

holy ground

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