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Im not supposed to love you. I'm not
supposed to live my life wishing you
ere there. I'm not supposed to wonder
where you are or what you do. I'm sorry I cant
help myself because I'm in love with you.
Well we were talking about you yesterday and she said she still loves you your still part of this family. Even though that may not be what you want it made my day. We'll have another bbq soon enough. Not sure when but I'll let you know and if you can make it great if not I understand why. It is crazy though usto have bbqs and dinners together all the time.
wants to spend her entire life with you… She
never leaves you sad or in an emotional mess,
but stands beside you like your pillar of
strength and helps you overcome your
darkness. She will love you, pamper you, scold
you, argue with you, advise you when need it
and most importantly… she will protect you. A
woman who loves you will always be there to
lead you towards the light and out of
darkness… She will never leave you alone and
feeling broken or shattered… She will be your
best friend, your advisor and your protector.
She will be everything you want, exactly when
you need it because the one thing she wants
most in this world is to complete you. A
woman who truly loves you will always be there
when you need her to make sure that you are
never alone.
There are so many miles between us but I
always feel very close to you
I promise that my love for you will always be
honest and true
I am waiting to be with you and loving you
more and more
You are the one I treasure in my heart, you
are the one I absolutely adore
You give me hope when things don’t seem to be
going right
I miss the way you comfort me and hold me
throughout the night
I would walk a thousand miles just to be by
your side
Coz you are the crown on my head, you are
my pride
You are the one who has taken away my every
sorrow and fear
It is because of you that my eyes no longer
shed a single tear
I miss keeping my head on your shoulder
whenever I feel like crying
I can’t live a single moment without you but I
am trying
Your love has changed my life and I am so
happy you can see
I love you so much that I can not imagine the
world without you and me
We were meant to fall in love and we are
destined to be together
Come back in my arms, I promise to hold your
hand always and forever
Okay. Idk what else to say.
Its times like today when I wish you'd stop by my work
i tell myself i don't need anyone but the truth is, they don't need me
Would you like to fix the world? It's very easy. We could do it tomorrow. All it takes is for everyone who cares to show up at the same time and state, "They've been ripping us off, and we're stopping it now.” It's as simple as that.

However corrupt, no scam, no corporation, no institution, no law, no government, even no nation stands against sheer number.

It's always been majority rule. Majority rule is a law of nature. It's only when the majority forgets to pay attention and lets the greedy minority do what their disease compels them to do that the world temporarily turns upside down. It’s as easy to right as paying attention.
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