Quotes added on Sunday, April 16 2017

I miss it too . I miss watching movies in bed that never really lasted with us actually watching the movies . I miss the late night phone calls ; the no you hang up first's . Ive gotten sushi so many times but it never has tasted as amazing as before .
That's all I want
so what's the point? you go to bed with the same thoughts of yesterday, then you wake up only to find that life hasn’t changed one bit. you are still alive, but what are you alive for?
My beloved, it will be doomsday,

Today in your lanes, my love will go astray,

My eyes do reveal my complaints,

Even your own heart will have complaints from you
I used to visit your lane
And I used to sing songs of faithfulness
But you couldn't bear to hear them
I've come here once again, to tell you
Today, this ruinous saga will end,
In your lanes, my love will go astray
i can't hide it anymore.
i am insecure. i overthink. things bother me. i am not the cool girl. i am not the girl who can just laugh it off and smile it away. i am not the low maintenenance, laid back chick where everything stays "casual". i am not the girl who doesn't need reassurance every once in a while that she's good enough because the thought that maybe she isn't never crosses her mind. sometimes things are hard with me. sometimes i have doubts. sometimes i get upset, i get jealous, i cry, i throw fits. sometimes i have desires. sometimes i have emotions. that doesn't make me crazy. sometimes i'm human. just because i can be difficult sometimes does not mean that i am not worth it.

Ce n'est pas à un vieux singe qu'on apprend à
ire des grimaces
n n'apprend pas la ruse (ou les pièges de son
métier) à un homme plein d'exrience.
That. To have that again
deep in my soul that love
never lasts

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