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Haven't seen our new schedule yet I'll know by tomarrow though
The Mind can think only one thought at a time. If your mind is occupied by a meaningless thought, you block a meaningful thought from entering it.
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This heart might be empty

well I'm not okay,
but I know that I will be in time.       

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"For I am NOT ASHAMED  of the gospel,because it is the power of God that brings SALVATION to EVERYONE who BELIEVES." Romans 1:16
Remember how we were going to go to church together? How we would both be open to a higher power,? Do you think its too late for that? (Can we start adding the time and date to quotes because Idk when yours are posted so idk when you posted your last ome about your schedule) (May 2nd @11:44 am)
im having a break from social media, what I thought about people not caring truns out to be true... i guess its been one day & not everyone in my world knows.. cause nobody seems to notice. im so lonely
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