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PEACE is the foundation of Happiness—for where there is Anxiety, Tension, and Turmoil, Joy cannot exist.
Friday & saturday graveyard and sunday swing 4-10 (Tuesday @12:07)
First find beauty peace love understanding in God and nature than find someone to share it with!!
                        Be wise

can you please remove yourself from my thoughts please and thank you!! its actually getting annoying now

Gosh, it's actually been ages since I've been on here lmfao and it's sad they took off the chat :(

holy crap I missed you guys 

"different" doesn't always need to mean "better" or "worse". sometimes different is just what it is--different. nothing more, nothing less.

Ancient lovers believed a kiss
would literally unite their souls,
because the spirit was said to
be carried in one’s breath.

This quote does not exist.
What time is your graveyard shift?
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