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They Go, "I hate to say i
But they love to say  they TOLD ME SO.


Maybe come in on Friday ; would ask about tomorrow but I think Jons gunna try and switch days so I think the best would be Friday. ( Weds @9:14)
This quote does not exist.
The only thing that belongs to us is our LIFE. Yet, we waste it in the pursuit of meaningless things that will never belong to us.
Just found out tonight that my boyfriend has to put one of his dogs down.  You will be missed Crystal. 
lots of love,
My Flesh And My Heart May Fail, But God Is The Strength Of My Heart And My Portion Forever- Psalm 73:26
With you I feel alive,
Something gloriously divine
I am the happiest man,
Happy, millionaire,
With nothing in my pockets

Seek God's Will In All You Do, And He Will Show You The Path To Take.-Proverbs 3:6

God is the ONLY ONE who can make the VALLEY OF TROUBLE,
a DOOR of HOPE-Hosea 2:15
I had a whole paragraph all ready in my head and I cant remember a single word of it. So Im just gunna leave this here for you, and ask you a totally different question. Do you remember my slurpee addiction? Why did you always give into it? (Thurs @8:41 Pm)
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