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Think of Today, not Tomorrow. It’s time to be Happy, not live a Life of Sorrow. Find out those things that make you Glad & eliminate those that make you Sad.
It's in the air now bitter tears and broken hearts. we're TEENAGERS, we count the years, we think we're smart, BUT WE'RE NOT. We don't know anything. So, don't ask where I'll go cause frankly i don't know and I don't give a s h i t... 
i love you, but you won't love me like i do.
and that's okay, i understand.
who would want to love, me? 



she's in love with the world,
but sometimes these feelings can be so misleading.


fell in love with a girl // the white stripes

idk because there yummy? slurpees are harmeless so why not?. If it's possible I'd like to see you before work just because I don't know if we'll be busy so don't know if I'll be able to talk much too you
You're a payphone away, from the mess that I've become.
I'm destroying what I love.

wonderless // pierce the veil
Drove by Lp today. It's crazy how we've been out of school what two years almost and it's changed so much. The fields still look the same and boy I would give anything to just be sitting out there with you again. Watching you take pitcures for yearbook. Sitting in the shade against the wall. Untieing eachothers shoes being dumb freshman lol. Anything to just be somewhere with you right then and there. (Friday @5)
"The Lord is my Strength and my Song, He has beccome my Salvation"-Psalm118:14
Going out to dinner for moms birthday; if we get back before ten I can see what I can do. If not can always try for tomorrow?
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