Quotes added on Saturday, May 6 2017

Were just now leaving chico.
okay. Place is pretty empty right now

Grandma held me hostage and we talked, alot. It drives me crazy how stuck she is on you. I think tomorrow would be our best bet; do you have a car to get to work or do you walk? If we met up before work, where would you want to meet up at? I have to get off for the night though cause my neighbors coming over for a few then have to go get him from work. I'll be back on at about 5 tomorrow. (Friday @10:59 pm)

Maybe it's just because she can't believe we really aren't together. Or maybe she just knows the truth without having to say it. I love it when I hear from other peoplw the shock of us not being together "because we were always together" it's crazy we actaully did it. We actually became that couple thats been together forever. Sometimes it still blows my mind were not together honestly.
on nights when i cant sleep all i have to do is pretend im in your arms.  cant wait to see you later babes. I love you 
r girl 
I don't even know who I am anymore. 
I just wanna die most days.
"Love is Louder than the Pressure to be Perfect"-Demi Lovato
If you want to be a guardian of the galaxy, be a guardian of your own little parsec of it.
Daisy &' I are going on a walk to Jacobs school if you want to meet us there. (Sat @5:47)
Wish I would of saw this sooner (saturday @6:44)
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