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There’s this ongoing argument that pacifiers aren’t good for your babies. While there are moms who would prefer to pacify their baby, there are also some who thinks otherwise.


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To make babies fall asleep, moms would immediately use a pacifier to make them relax. This helps them get rid of discomfort.

This is most especially true during their shots as they’re distracted doing something else. But finding the best one for your baby is quite a hassle.

Just like with feeding bottles, there’s one specific pacifier per baby. You’re in luck if you got it right during the first try. But most of the cases, you’ll be trying out more than just one brand

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I remember using this site back in 2011. I miss it </3


The Devil doesn't come dressed up in red horns and a cape.
He comes disguised as everything you've ever wanted.


We're all architects of our own private hell.
No one can hurt us like we hurt ourselves.

If you have the chance to stay and wait a little longer until youre absolutely sure I think thats what you should do. I also think you should wait for the fact that you should wait out if world war threes coming or not. We all know it will eventually but how close is it really? I want you to know every single day I have been high or drunk. Every. Day. The day I met up with you, I woke up with it planned in my head. I was completely sober; might not mean that much but I think thats crazy that I did that because I didnt want to let you down. Let you down in the sense of you actually seeing me falling apart. (Tues @4:24 PM)
For I am the Lord your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you
Do not fear; I will help you -Isaiah 41:13
Stop Determining Your Worth And Value By What Other People Say.
Be Determined By What The Word Of God Says.- Joyce Meyer
May God the source of Hope, fill you with all Joy and Peace-Romans15:13

Yeah but what happens when youre there and change your mind. You need to be absolutely sure. &' when you use things to fill the holes in your heart you find you cant stop them. Its the on,y way to numb yourself, only way to numb the pain. (tues @8:07)

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