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Happy Mothers Day Mom!
You are my world and i dont know what id do without you mom. 
hope you had an amazing day I love you.
your daughter,
The Challenge in Life is not to have the absence of Fear, but to have the Courage to overcome it.
And you dont think I meant it? You were all I could think about; day in and day out. At this point Ive just accepted my mistake and I guess Im just trying to ride it out. Time. Time is the only thing stuck on my mind because how much longer is all of this going to be played out. If you were some other person, if you could have just become "just an ex", maybe none of this would have happened. Maybe if we both didnt know we were meant to be together; that you and I are soul mates; then it would have been easier. So much easier. But I think both of us are maybe too stubborn to let it go. We've had over a year to play things both ways and to see what both of us need. I think Im still trying to find the pieces I left behind a year ago. Im trying to convince myself that tomorrow is really worth waking up for because no matter what, the sun will shine. And I think you, I think you're still trying to figure out how to live with the fact we arent together. Sometimes I just stare off into space and have a replay of the five years we were apart of eachothers lives. Thinking of what I would have changed. The biggest one thing I would have done was kiss you sooner. We waited like five months for that forst kiss. Granted it was amazing and perfect nonetheless. It was rushed but every second can be replayed in my head in slow motion in perfect clarity. Regardless of honestly who Im living with or who Im with, I feel like you know that my heart is only truely yours. We both are still trying to figure things out, and I think thats honestly okay. (Monday @ 10:10 am)

He was lost before her, now he's lost in her.


Do Not say" I'll get you back for this wrong!" 
Wait for the Lord and he will deliver you. -Proverbs 20:22
A Kindhearted woman gains Respect, but a ruthlessman gains only wealth.- Proverbs 11:16
 Which do you think is better? Having Respect, or Wealth?

Before his downfall a mans heart is proud, but humility comes before honor.- Proverbs 18:12



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la tristesse durera toujours.


         You can try to dirty my name but I'll wear your hate like 
 war PaInT.

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