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How isnt it? only then will I have no memmory of you. No memmories of us together. No memory of love. Only then will I no longer be miserbale without you. I dont want to live in a world where your not mine. Let alone in the smallest town in califonia. I dont want to live if its not with you but Im fighting too. How is it fair that you get ti wake up with him every morning when he doesnt deserve you? when you know its suppose to be us against the world. Hows any of that fair??
When Passion meets Inspiration, an Obsession is born.
But why can't we be together? just because were both with other people. Just because you feel like you cant escape him but in all reality you can. Think the truth is your just not ready to let him go. Why else would there be so many excuses.
(Thursday @12:47)
Just give me one more sign. I'll seek you after one more sign. I've been hesitant, but you appear everywhere. Is this fate, or wishful thinking? I'm not sure. I just want to know you better. Just one more sign, we're almost there. One more step.
Why don't you smile a little harder when you see me? Why do you always sit so close? I always see you. Was this fated, or all coincidence? You're my type. You're shy and kind. I want to get to know the other sides of you. Next time reciprocate my wide smile, do you feel anything? Sit closer to me, do you feel anything? I get confused when you look for me in the room, then quickly turn around. Is it the shyness? Am I reading too much into this? I just wish I could read your thoughts.
I'll be nicer to you. It takes effort, but I'll do it.
It was in the summer of yes 
that I learned to live.
Before you, I was terrified of being in love.
I had seen it fall apart too many time and I wanted nothing to do with that. I had seen it make my sister go crazy and get hurt and cry in the corner of our bedroom. I had seem it make my friends forget how to love themselves. I saw how hard it hit and how fast and at the same time, how beatiful it made someones life look. And I had even thought I found it once. But I was wrong and I broke someone the same way I watched it break everyone else.
And for that I'm not sure I ever forgave myself.
And so I swore that if it showed up again, I would just say no.
But that was the thing about you.
When I met you, thats not what it was like. You didnt offer me crazy love right away. You just sat with me and listened to me until 4a.m. You told me funny stories and tried to make me laugh. you were always there And then it came slowly. Like a sunrise creping out and softly shining its light until the whole shy becoems a bit brighter. Bit by bit everything catches the light and the whole sky lights up. And if you stand in the middle of thhis light you feel warm and safe and you're not worried about what will happen when the light goes away. You just know that standing in the sun, is exactly where you're supposed to be.
And thats what loving you was like.
-excerpt from a book I'll never write// thats why I call you my sunshine //





it's getting
harder to

believe in
than just to
get lost
in all
my selfish thoughts...
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