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He who FEARS the Lord has a secure fortress, and for his children it will be a REFUGE.
-Proverbs 14:26-

He who Oppresses the poor shows Contempt for their maker,
But whoever is Kind to the needy Honors God. 
-Proverbs 14:31-

A Heart at Peace gives Life to the body, but Envy Rots the bones. -Proverbs14:30-

sweet sweet fantasy H////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// .........................................................................

Liqa | 20 | living in Iraq

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Charline | 19 |Belgium | Dutch


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Charline | 19 |Belgium | Dutch


Does someone play Guild Wars 2?


"Your eagerness and peaked
interest allowed you to be
blinded by the roses without
realizing they were covered in
picking sticks

jumping over bricks

love and freindship doesn't mix

you'll grow old

and i've been told

mummy says dinner is getting cold

three six nine

you're not mine

now our rope is running out of twine

jump in your bed

cover your head

monsters can't get you if you're already dead

She looked in the mirror and mumbled strings of thought together, however incoherent they might be. A frail, greying figure looked back, too young to have looked the way she did, and she knew it.

She saw the haunted look in her eyes, the veins etching themselves like tattoos under her skin. She saw a shell of her former self. They colorless body stood almost still in the mirror, the only movement coming from her chest when she breathed in shallow breaths, like the task had become too painful for her to bear.

The boy stood behind her, horrified.

"I am a shell," she spoke quietly.

The boy said nothing.

"I am afraid," she whispered again.

"Of what?" He questioned back. His voice was strong, clear, assertive. Her voice was raspy, weak, and monotone. 

"Myself," she stated in a bland tone before collpasing to the floor.

                                                  - Except of a book I'll never write

i remember when my days were long and full of joy, accompanied by the laughter of children and the gentle creak of an old swingset. i remember when my biggest decision was what flavor of popsicle i could successfully eat without getting brainfreeze or which doll I would dress up in her summer clothes. i miss the days where i was carefree. i miss the laughs. i miss the time my friends and i had. i miss the happiness of my parents before life had made them worn and weary. i miss me. i miss the child who was blissfully unaware of the strain that life puts on you. i am now just as worn as my parents are, only younger and easily adaptable. but i have seen the world through the news and through stories and i have heard enough to see that the world is a sad, sad place, full of weary adults and blissfully unaware children just like me. i am not the only one suffering.
watercolor cheeks
are a masterpiece
of sadness.
her mascara looks
like branches, &
her eyeshadow
looks like leaves.


"Always promise me to go above & beyond."
"I promise."

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