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SHE is just a friend
-poem by Christine Vega
She has always been there
She's heard about my whole world
She has accepted me for me
She has stolen something from me
But I don't think I want it back
I don't want to let her go
I trust her the most
I'm getting lost in her eyes
She's there every time I cry
If I show to much emotion
She will surely run away
She stole my heart a long time ago
I don't want it back and I want her with me but
that's something that will probably never be
I don't care what people say and I don't care what people think
Girls can like girls just like boys can like girls
At the end of the day he will have you

"She is just a friend" is something I constantly say
But who am I trying to prove that to?
Am I trying to convince me, her or all of you?
She's beautiful, She's smart, She's unique and sweet
I don't know what to do, guess I'll never be with her
She doesn't need a weak, nervous girl like me
When she can have a strong, tall, cute guy who can pick her up
A guy who can make her smile and laugh
A man who could fight for her and actually win
A man who can provide her with her own gorgeous kids
A man who can provide
Not an insecure girl, alone in this world who doesn't know what she wants
She deserves someone who can protect her
Love can't hold a huge shield over our heads, just love alone isn't strong enough
I love her in a way that he never possibly could

Confess the feelings you probably don't have
-Poem by Christine Vega

      One day I'd wish to meet you by the cherry tree
and hear you say that you love me
Confess your feelings
Feelings you probably don't have
But this is my fantasy
"Please senpai notice me"
Confess the feelings you probably don't have
I need you in my life and I want you as my wife
I wouldn't let you get hurt cos' babygirl I'll protect you
I'd get under that knife, jump infront of a train for you
I'd literally do anything for you
Confress the feelings you probably don't have
I'd be your Wonder woman
But you're with your superman
He will never love you the way I can
I love you for you and I accept you for you
You're so damn beautiful
And your heart and your love, I want to fill
Who knows what life will bring us
I'll confess my feelings for you
when the time is finally right

You're probably not
aware, that I'm even

Sweet Talk

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Sweet little baby in a world full of pain, I gotta be honest I don't know if I can take it, everybody's talking but what's anybody saying? Mama said if I really want then I can change.


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cross my arms, put me
In THe DIrT, LeT me

be with the stars.
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i felt dull
          AND FLAT          



            y troubles all started
                      because I have a woman’s
                        body & a child’s emotions.


In 2012, Disney released a line of villain dolls depicting Ursula, the classically full-figured Sea Witch from The Little Mermaid as a designer, couture, size zero. From one rolling midsection and tameless will to another, my sweet Ursula — I cannot imagine the sick flip of your stomach, to see your image dissected, chins shaved, waist cinched, your silhouette robbed of every ounce of delicious curve. To find after two decades of existence that your evil was more worthy of preservation than the iconic body that held you, you — big lady, were the only Disney character who ever looked like me. And while you may not have had the waistline of a princess I'll be godd.amned if you didn't have the swagger of a Queen. The way you sashayed around your lair in full makeup, black flamenco number cut so low in the back that your every twist and shimmy displayed the gorgeous tuck of your rolls... You made back-fat look f.ucking s.exy. You made living in this body a little less like a curse. I wonder how they told you, did they sit you down over tea, delicately frosted cakes lining your chipped porcelain? Explain it as a marketing technique, a vehicle to make you more palatable to a culture that demands perfection? I hope you crushed the f.ucking teapot in the clench of your fist. I hope you grew a thousand feet tall and drowned them in the whirlpool of your rage. I wish I could have watched you suck the voices from their tiny, breakable throats. But I know you wept, I know you licked the icing from each and every cake, I know you broke, like a slow burn. Wasn't it enough that they made you a witch? That you were already beyond the bounds of their franchise royalty? They expected little girls to recoil from the wicked inside your laugh, when instead, they worshiped your honesty. Ursula, I don't want you cut down into bite-sized pieces. You weren't easy to swallow for a reason. I want you larger than life, flaming red lips, black flamenco dress — I want the thick of your tentacles, your conjurer's hands, the jiggle of your ample bust. I want you dressed to the nines on a runway, I want every little girl to see a heroine in a size 24. Ursula, Queen of the Ocean, you were never just a witch to me. You were perfect — every pound, every inch, every swell, perfect. And I pity the poor, unfortunate soul who would dare paint you as anything less.



You know what? You’re an individual, and that makes people nervous. And it’s gonna keep making people nervous for the rest of your life.

i'm far from perfect nothing even close
but that's what makes me beautiful
that's something you should know

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