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lying awake wondering what your doing.. probably sleeping? hopefully. Then your not getting into any trouble. (Sunday @1:09 am)
i tried to be cold hearted i tried to act like you wasnt bothering me but here i am at 4 in the morning sitting in my bathroom floor crying over you !!
Take it day by day,
that's all you can do.
That's all anyone's ever done anyway.
but she never could get drunk enough to get him off her mind
I Rejoiced with those who said to me ,'Let is go to the House of the Lord."
-Psalm 122:1-

As for God, His way is PERFECT;
The WORD of the Lord is FLAWLESS.
He is a SHIELD for all who take REFUGE in Him.
-Psalm 18:30-

Wing Ridden Angel who fell from the sky

Met a little human boy who seemed to catch your eye

You fell in love and he filled that empty void in your life

And helped you find your wings so you can fly

So Little Angel, Little Angel sitting there on Earth

'm glad someone was able to show you, your worth.
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