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we live on a 
blue planet
that circles around
a ball of fire next to
a moon that moves the sea
and you don't believe in miracles?


H E ' S   L I K E   A   D R U G

you can't get over


I want to hate you half as much

As I hate myself

i dreamt that for the first time, we kissed and it was nothing less than fireworks going off in my head
Did you ever fall for someone you know you shouldn't?
Try hard to fight your feelings, but you just couldn't?
You fall deeper with each passing day,
But try to hide it in every possible way.
He's only a friend, and nothing else--
That's the lie you keeping telling yourself.
You keep on saying he's just a bud,
But deep inside, you're falling in love.
You get so giddy when you meet his eyes,
But keep reminding yourself it isn't right.
A simple glance turns into a stare,
But you pretned that you don't care.
It's "not right" for you two to be.
Is that why you hide it so no one can see?
But how long will you pretend?
Keep lying that he's just a friend?
Perhaps your feelings you can never show.
Perhaps it's "wrong" for him to know.
Your friendship can't be risked over this,
So being his girl is an impossible wish...

Let me be clear,
my love is unconditional,
but your presence in my
life is not.

The moment you prove
that your value of me
doesn’t measure up to my
sense of self worth, I’ll
have no problem unconditionally
loving the memory of you and
moving on.

It almost feels like a joke to play out the part when you are not the starring role in someone else's heart. You know I'd rather walk alone than play a supporting role if I can't get the starring role.


Don’t say you love me if I’m only gray to you. It’s either black or white, yes or no, up or down. There’s no ‘well maybe she’ll work’. I am a gift to you and if you do not cherish me like the queen I am, then leave and stop wasting my time. If you want to be with me, you have to work for it. I am not a prize to be won but I am the judge seeing if you are suitable and willing to deal with me. Deal with my random rambles and my soft kisses and my ugly laugh and my cute chubby tummy and my hot screams. Do not say you want me because I’m better than nothing. If anything, you need me.


don't fall in
be something you KICK OUT IN THE MORNING.


   I get the f.ucking breath knocked out of me whenever I'm out in public and see a little boy your height and size with your pale blond hair. It happens surprisingly often, too often for my liking. My heartbeat pounds wildly and I can't focus on anything else in my surroundings until the child turns around and I get a look at his face and ascertain that it's not you. I think a new fissure appears in my fragile heart with every occurrence of this.
   I don't know what the hell I would do if it was you. Run to you sobbing, probably. But that would startle you and alarm your mother, who never got a chance to know me and how much you, her son, meant to me. You likely wouldn't even remember me, and would burst into tears, but not for the same reason as me. And that would hurt me as much as the pain of losing you unexpectedly has.
   Still, I hope endlessly for this chance encounter, and I hope by some miracle you will actually recognize me and greet me with the same angelic smile and light gentle kiss you used to, that warmed me to my very core. I want to believe that this small town's boundaries will eventually implode and nudge you back into my arms, if only for one more brief time. I want to believe that even if, against my fervent wishes, it never does, you will forever feel how much I love and care and pray for you. You were the purest thing ever to enter my life, and I will hold onto that blessing in a knuckle-whitening grip until the end of my days.

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