Quotes added on Wednesday, June 14 2017

To be completely honest I regret not kissing you more. Thats probably one of the biggest things I miss. How we could lay next to eachother and kiss so gently and softly and slow for what seems like hours. (9:14)
Probably didnt sweat it or really appreciate the little things because neither of us thought itd end. (9:31)
Yeah true. Anything else on your mind? (9:35)
You can give a swine a bath and dress it up but it will just run back to the mud.  People will change for a hour, a day, or a week to keep a relationship but be careful. Its not always forever. 
Trying to figure out a question to get a big response outta you. Can you respond to one of my letters or just ramble about something? (10:12)
Life gives you trials and if you look at them as a problem and not an oppritunity, then you will never truly flurish into the person you were ment to be
Give me a letter to respond too
Or could always call me. Usually always get some kind of response out of me. (10:41)
Yeah no way could that happen ya silly. Have to go for the night; sleep tight. (11:21)
Let the SPIRIT  renew your thoughts and attitudes. 
Put on your NEW nature, created to be like God- Truly righteous and holy.
-Ephesians 4:23-24-
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