Quotes added on Thursday, June 22 2017

Not true that time heals all wounds! Only events and people that you meet during this time will heal you!
Lots of complaints texted by her......
His single reply calms her anger.
Tears were real.
But Onions were blamed.
I always end up forgiving people even if they don't deserve it.
Ok so I have discovered my old witty account and turns out my old laptop has the old password. Ever look back on your posts and think: Wow, I was one moody teenager ? It's like travelling back in time!
Sorry went camping and didn't have any cell reception or wifi of course. I'm glad you're writing again. Love your poetry. What do you have to tell me?(Thursday@5:49)
Geez I missed you dude. Anyways; got the job! Another thing.. havent touched alcohol or any drugs for three days. Doesnt sound like much I know but its a start. How was camping? (Thurs @6:24)
Oh sweet! I'm proud of both. You excited to start working? Camping was good. Went up to fortbragg (A different spot) it was amazing was low sixtys the whole time was perfect. Fell asleep on the beach so much my face is sun burnt and now I have racoon eyes from my sunglasses lol. Can't handle this weather here now though. Ready to go back. (6:44)
all these soft, warm nights going to waste when i ought to be lying in your arms under the moon
Oh I feel it. Have a swamp cooler that only cools you off if you stand direvtly in front of it. Was honestly wondering how you were handling the heat since we all know you normally are in it . :P (7:41)
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