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I want that,

"Baby I love you more" , kinda love. The "you're the only one that I adore", love.
That, "I'll always be here for you", love. Or, "I'll always support whatever you do", love.
What about, "I want you to hold me tight", love. "You're the only one I want tonight", love.
Maybe, "I can't wait to start our chapter", love.
Baby, "I want our happily ever after", love. But mostly I want that, "I will always love you no matter what", "I'm gonna stay faithful and true", love.
"My heart only has room for you", love. "You're my soulmate", kinda love. "Lets get married, I can't wait", love.

Yeah ; That love.


While you COMPLAIN about your job ; There's someone praying for a dollar.
While you COMPLAIN that gas is too high ; There's someone who's only option is to walk.
While you COMPLAIN about your significant other ; There's someone dreaming of having somebody.
While you COMPLAIN about the food in your pantry ; There's someone praying for crumbs.
While you COMPLAIN about the world we live in ; There's someone who didn't wake up to see it.

Your complaints are simply BLESSINGS to others!

"why can't dogs live as long as humans?" and the little boy
was like "Because humans live to learn how to love,
but dogs are born already knowing how."

Remember when you told me I was "so cold". I laughed in your face, and you got fired up. I didn't realise it at first, but you'd kept it in for a while. It all came out that day. You said I treated you differently from other guys. I'm "nice and sweet" to others, but when it's you, I treat you badly. I said I was sorry...after putting the blame on you "You should be happy. It means we're close!" It was a lame excuse and you saw right through me. "Then what do I have to do for you to stop being like this with me?" I laughed again at that. I always laugh when I have nothing to say. It's childish. "I'm sorry, I'll be good to you. I like being close with you." "You always take so long to reply to my texts. You always choose your girl friends over me. You don't take me seriously at all." "I'm like that with everyone, I never reply to texts-" "Do you even like me?" Of course I do. You were trying to make me slip up. We were both getting heated up. I wished you would have ended it at that. We could have made up after that. But you went on. "I love you." I wish you hadn't said that, at least not yet.
You follow me around like a little lost puppy. I'm wording this wrong. It makes you sound so clingy...but in all honesty you are. You hang on every word I say. I didn't take advantage of it at first, and you got mad for it. I didn't get it at first. I've never liked calling the shots, but it's a strange kind of fun. You take the lead in some aspects of course, one person can't have all the control in a team. But still. You follow my every step. When I text you to meet up somewhere private, you're always there in three. When I want you, you're at my feet. It's nice. It's reassuring. I'm always there for you too. But other times, I wonder, how far would you go for me. It's strange.
I told you I thought you liked me too much. That if we got together it'd be hard on you. You said you could handle it. I care about you a lot, but I still feel the same way. You have blinders on when it comes to me. My friends and family think it's sweet...but I feel bad. We'd never work out if we got together now. I'd push you around too much. I would try my best not to, but that's just how I am with you. I'm sorry. I always apologise and make the slowest progress. But I'm trying. I think it counts for something. You always say you can handle it. I always get upset with you. What is it exactly that you can handle? Me? I can't handle myself most of the time. You need to take care of yourself too. You always say you'll take care of me. It irks me. It's like something out of a drama. So what if you've got the finances? I always tell you I have no interest in spending your money. You used to get mad at that, you dummy. What would you have done if I was the opposite? I'm sure you wouldn't have liked me very much. Anyhow, back to that I'll handle it line you love so much. You never want me to deal with my own problems. I always joke if you want to be my boyfriend or my "lil bitćh" lol. You're not fond of that name, but it'll be all yours if you don't start being a little selfish sometimes. Don't think about me too much. I'm not as fragile as you think my dumdum. At the end of the day, I do love you and I'm not going anywhere, so chill~
Remember when you were holding a ruler and asked me for a ruler? I think that's when I knew. Not that you liked me, because that's just wishful and obnoxious thinking. I just had a moment where I was like "hey, he just wants a reason to talk to me." I smiled at you widely and gave you mine. I asked what was wrong with yours and you laughed. Your laugh was what won me over. (or was it the fact I like dummies so much, hmm)

Last year,

I stopped at a flower shop to order flowers for my mother who lives 200 miles away. As I got out of my car I noticed a young girl sitting on the curb crying.
I asked her whats wrong and she said "I wanted to buy a red rose for my mother but I only have 25 cents and a rose costs 2 dollars."
I smiled and told her I'd buy her a rose. After I bought her a rose and ordered my moms flowers, I offered the girl a ride home. She said "yes please! Can you take me to my mother?" She directed me to a cemetery where she placed the rose on a freshly dug grave.... I was in shock and after I drove the girl home I went back to the flower shop, canceled my order, picked up a bouquet and drove 200 miles to my mothers house at 9:30 at night....

I'll always respect the number one woman in my life.


77% of girls think they're ugly.
50% of girls think they're fat.
100% of society should stop insulting girls on their appearances.
Some of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen ;
Look nothing like supermodels.


"Whatever you give a woman, she will
make greater.
If you give her sp.erm, she'll give you
a baby ;
If you give her a house, she will
give you a home ;
If you give her groceries, she'll give
you a meal ;
If you give her a smile, she'll give you her
She multiplies and enlarges what is given to
her ; so if you give her any cr.ap,
be prepared to get a ton
of sh.t. "
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