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Isn't it ironic that the biggest curiosty we have is now about eachother? I mean you might not be as perfect as I thought you were because I've been thinking about you and wondering for so long. I could have exaggerated things. The brain tends to do that ya know?. just some bed time thoughts. Finally have a day off! today and yesterday were short thankfully but haven't had a day off since the week before last. Don't know what I'm gunna do with myself tomarrow. Monday 10:09
30 Day Song Challenge

Day 01 - Your favorite song
Day 02 - Your least favorite song
Day 03 - A song that makes you happy
Day 04 - A song that makes you sad
Day 05 - A song that reminds you of someone
Day 06 - A song that reminds you of somewhere
Day 07 - A song that reminds you of a certain event
Day 08 - A song that you know all the words to
Day 09 - A song that you can dance to
Day 10 - A song that makes you fall asleep
Day 11 - A song from your favorite band
Day 12 - A song from a band you hate
Day 13 - A song that is a guilty pleasure
Day 14 - A song that no one would expect you to love
Day 15 - A song that describes you
Day 16 - A song that you used to love, but now hate
Day 17 - A song that you hear often on the radio
Day 18 - A song that you wish you heard on the radio
Day 19 - A song from your favorite album
Day 20 - A song that you listen to when you're angry
Day 21 - A song that you listen to when you're happy
Day 22 - A song that you listen to when you're sad
Day 23 - A song that you want to play at your wedding
Day 24 - A song that you want to play at your funeral
Day 25 - A song that makes you laugh
Day 26 - A song that you can play on an instrument
Day 27 - A song that you wish you could play
Day 28 - A song that makes you feel guilty
Day 29 - A song from your childhood
Day 30 - Your favorite song at this time last year

Day 01 - I currently have two favorite songs. :3 "Custer" and "Spit It Out" by Slipknot.
Day 02 - Probably anything by One Direction or Justin Bieber. x.x I honestly can't stand any of the really popular music.
Day 03 - It depends on the band(s) I'm in the mood for at the time. "Lady Bug" by Breaking Benjamin usually does it, though.
Day 04 - Not many songs can make me sad... Though for some reason, "Photograph" by Nickelback and "Walk Away" by Five Finger Death Punch have both made me feel sad before.
Day 05 - I honestly can't think of any songs that remind me of anyone. XD
Day 06 - Certain songs by Breaking Benjamin remind me of one time I went on vacation with my grandparents, since that was when I first started to really listen to them. XD That counts, right?
Day 07 - If a song reminds me of an event, that's usually because that's what it's about. XD
Day 08 - I can't name one offhand because I know too many songs. XD
Day 09 - I can't dance. XD "Breathe You In" by Papa Roach kinda has a beat that makes me wanna dance, though.
Day 10 - I don't have a specific song that makes me fall asleep. I can go to sleep listening to anything, as long as I like it. (Slipknot, KoRn, Five Finger Death Punch, Megadeth, etc. XD)
Day 11 - I don't relly have a favorite band... It's difficult to choose. How about "The Devil In I" by Slipknot?
Day 12 - I don't think I even need to answer that.
Day 13 - "100 Ways To Hate" by Five Finger Death Punch. ^^;
Day 14 - Probably "Right Now" by KoRn... Or "Burn MF" by Five Finger Death Punch. (It's so mean, but I find it catchy. ^^;)
Day 15 - There are so many lines I feel that I can relate to, but I can't think of a full song...
Day 16 - "Awake And Alive" by Skillet... or pretty much any song by Skillet. I blame my little brother. x.x
Day 17 - I don't listen to the radio. I can't find a station I like.
Day 18 - I don't know. XD It would be cool to hear something by Slipknot on the radio, I guess.
Day 19 - I listen to a bunch of different bands. How do I pick a favorite album? XD My favorite by Breaking Benjamin is Phobia, and by Slipknot, .5: The Gray Chapter, and by Shinedown, The Sound Of Madness, and by Three Days Grace, One X. But my favorite out of those four? I can't choose. XD
Day 20 - I don't have a specific song, but bands like Slipknot, KoRn, or Five Finger Death Punch make me feel better when I'm angry.
Day 21 - When I'm happy, I just listen to whatever I feel like listening to.
Day 22 - I don't have a song I like to listen to when I'm sad... "Dead Flowers" by Demon Hunter has made me feel better once, though.
Furthest thing from perfect ; I can guarentee you that . &' As for your day off , just watch tv all day ; thats my favorite thing to do lol . (Tues @ 9:08 am)
Hmm. I'll figure something out. Last day of summer for the kids. 9:40
Youre a pretty cool older sister (11:09)
uh huh. Tys starting highschool. 11:23
I remember the day we met, in early October of 2016. God forbid I ever forget such a life-changing day. You came straight over to where I was sitting on the rug when your mom brought you in; you were too fascinated by my unfamiliar presence to cry for her. Instead, you stopped a few feet in front of me and I rolled a rubber ball to you, to show you I was friendly and open to play. You instantly rolled it back, smiling, and we had a game going. How many new little faces did I meet that didn't require at least five minutes of soft reassurances before hesitant curiosity gave way to uncontained giddiness? You were something special, and I could already feel my heart expanding to accommodate this tiny two year old inside every one of its chambers. The way you immediately trusted me makes me think maybe you knew all along that I was someone who would love you. And love you I did. Each day after that, while I was in that classroom, I would pick you up and hold you to me as you sobbed for mommy (your teachers ignored it, knowing you'd tire with the lack of attention, but my heart ached to see you like that and I couldn't do the same), and when the tears subsided you would still sit on my folded legs, wet face against my chest, clutching me; you often kept your head down and instead of those big innocent brown eyes I stared at fringes of criminally long, beautiful black lashes. You would never move from my embrace until you were made to. I guess you thought I was your guardian teddy bear, but I didn't mind at all. On the playground you were never far from my side. Admittedly, I often approached you, but you were happy with the attention and I embraced my little shadow. It got to the point where a teacher chastised me for spending so much time with you exclusively, but I wasn't phased. You liked wagon rides and being chased as you rode a tricycle and when I spun in circles with you in my arms. Your laughter was the sweetest sound I've ever heard. I loved creating it. As time went by you began running straight to me when I came into your room or through the gate on the playground, or else making cheeky faces at me until I ran to you and scooped you up. Sometimes you were shy, keeping your distance while eyeing me longingly until I knelt and opened my arms, and then the reservation would fall away and you all but jumped on me. These are the memories of our too-short time together that I'll keep forever. They hurt terribly to look back on – not because they themselves were painful, but because the accompanying realization that we can't make any more of them is – but I don't wish them away for the world. I love you so much, sweet boy; I did from that very first encounter, when we'd won each other over so easily. I hope I did well enough at showing you that love, every second of every minute of every day that I was with you. You made this job worth it, and I would gladly trade all the money I've made doing it for a chance to see you again. You came into my life at a lonely, confusing time when I desperately needed clarity and a sense of belonging, and you gave me just that and made all the uncertainty about my future fall away. You made me sure that, at least for now, I am doing the right thing. I truly believe you are an angel, in all senses of the word. I think of you every day, I pray for you every night. At a period when everything seems to be changing, and not always for the better, thank you for giving me something that will stay with me forever. 

My daughter will have freedom of choice. She will be free to dance, to sing, to be educated in the fields that spark her passion, to marry if she wants, to marry WHO she wants, to remain single, or to fall in love with another woman. She’ll be able to wear what she wants, put on lipstick, and read books that spark debate and expand her mind. She will be loved, protected, respected, and celebrated. All these things that should be, and will be, basic human rights, are a promise to my daughter. —Lena Headey

There is a video I found from back when I was three
You set up a paint set in the kitchen and you're talking to me
It's the age of princesses and pirate ships and the seven dwarfs
And Daddy's smart and you're the prettiest lady in the whole wide world...

And now I know why all the trees change in the fall
I know you were on my side  e v e n  w h e n  I  w a s  w r o n g.

   — Taylor Swift, The Best Day

Chasing you on a tricycle as you pedaled away furiously, giggling; spinning you around until I was dizzy and all your gleeful demands of again; covering your face in kisses and the shy little pecks I got in return; laying down with the girls at nap time and rubbing their backs until they fell asleep; the hugs around my thighs, my neck, my ribs; the three of you running to me whenever you saw me; the twins playing with my hair (“Miss Bailey has hair like Rapunzel!”); then their speechless disappointment and stares when I came with it cut to my shoulders one day; endless requests of chalk drawings at outdoor learning and suggestions of what color to paint my nails next; “sit by me at lunch”; holding little hands in mine walking down the hallway because somebody stubbornly refused everyone else; sitting down anywhere and instantly having at least one of you on my lap; realizing that I loved, and was loved in return by, the sweetest little girls and boy in the world. —Cherished moments

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