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Sitting out on someones stairs over at the apartment complex where your mom usto live. I remember us sitting over there under that gazebo. Trying to get far enough in the dark where she couldn't see us but still could hear her. Sat 11:18
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"𝓒π“ͺ𝓡𝓡 𝓢𝒆 π“ͺ π“Όπ“²π“·π“·π’†π“»,
𝓬π“ͺ𝓡𝓡 𝓢𝒆 π“ͺ π“Όπ“ͺ𝓲𝓷𝓽
𝓣𝒆𝓡𝓡 𝓢𝒆 π“²π“½'𝓼 π“Έπ“Ώπ’†π“»,
𝓡𝓡 π“Όπ“½π“²π“΅π“΅ π“΅π“Έπ“Ώπ’† π”‚𝓸𝓾 π“½π“±π’† π“Όπ“ͺ𝓢𝒆
𝓒π“ͺ𝓡𝓡 π“Άπ’† π”‚𝓸𝓾𝓻 π’‡π“ͺ𝓿𝓸𝓻𝓲𝓽𝒆,
𝓬π“ͺ𝓡𝓡 𝓢𝒆 π“½π“±π’† π”€π“Έπ“»π“Όπ“½
𝓡 π“Άπ’† π“²π“½'𝓼 𝓸𝓿𝒆𝓻,
 π“­π“Έπ“·'𝓽 π”€π“ͺ𝓷𝓽 𝔂𝓸𝓾 π“½π“Έ π“±π“Ύπ“»π“½"


LYRICS of "Sorry that I loved you" by Anthony Neely

so sorry that I hurt you
ry that I fell through
orry I was falling in love with you
sorry that it came true
But sorry doesn't turn back time
For al
l that I have done to you
I wish that I could make it right
o sorry that I loved you
Sorry that I needed you
orry that I hold you tight
d I'm So sorry for..
you love me and saying goodbye
For being
the one that taught you how to cry
It was
love love love and it passed us by
For giv
ing you every thing that you dreamed
r taking it back when I fled the scene
Sorry love, for wasting your time

30 Day



1. A Song you can listen to on repeat.
2. A Song from one of your fave albums.
3. A Song from your childhood.
4. A Song that makes you feel strong.
5. A Song that makes you sad.

6.A Song that cheers you up.
7. A Song that reminds you of your friends.
8. A Song that reminds you of an ex or crush.
9. A Song that reminds you of you.
10. A Song that brings back bad memories.
11. A Song that brings back good memories.
12. A Song that grew on you.
13. A Song from a musical
14. A Song with a great music video.
15. A Song that's better as a cover
16. A Song that's better acoustic.
17. A Song with great lyrics.
18. A Song for the Summer.
19. A Song for heartache.
20. A song for car rides.
21. A Song for the rain.
22. A Song for dancing.
23. A Song for making out.
24. A Song for a lover.
25. A Song from before you were born.
26. A Song from a band that broke up.
27. A Song you've seen live.
28. A Song you want to see live.
29. A Song by a band you don't usually like.
30. A Song you recommend.
Day 9: A Song that reminds you of YOU:

There's two lines that come to mind from two different songs that I can truly relate back to myself. The first one being Attention by We are the In Crowd and the main chorus goes,"I know the way I wanna be, but I'm trapped in who I am." Which perfectly describes my struggles towards who I am as a person and growing from my mistakes . Also, I made a quote on here about it a while back, printed it out, and now it's hanging over my head (literally right above my bed). The other line is in Paramore's Caught in the Middle bridge where Hayley Williams sings, "No, I don't need no help. I can sabotage me by myself/ Don't need no one else. I can sabotage me by myself." Which not to brag or anything, but I'm VERY good at being my own worst enemy when it comes to getting anything done. This tying quite nicely to how I trap myself. 


This quote does not exist.
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