Quotes added on Monday, August 28 2017

Let your Creed be to do a Good Deed. When your Focus is on your Need instead of your Greed, you will succeed.
I like music that's deep, dark, sad,

and meaningful all at the same time.
Keep Houston in your prayers.

Yeah I remember that. We usto be pretty sneaky and creative. I honestly dont really know what to say. He was pretty amazing; telling me about riding dirt bikes. His sense of humor was so perfect. When I feel sad or just lost I listen to Safe &' Sound by Taylor Swift. Really slow but it soothes me; maybe see if you like it? Literally sitting at work waiting to go inside just staring at my phone ; trying to figure out what to say. Trying to find something to just comfort you. (Mon @8:46)
A massive shoutout to musicure for following me. 1 more follower and im at 10 followers.9 followers is amazing
I love Taylor Swifts new song and am so excited about her new album 

30 Day



1. A Song you can listen to on repeat.
2. A Song from one of your fave albums.
3. A Song from your childhood.
4. A Song that makes you feel strong.
5. A Song that makes you sad.

6.A Song that cheers you up.
7. A Song that reminds you of your friends.
8. A Song that reminds you of an ex or crush.
9. A Song that reminds you of you.
10. A Song that brings back bad memories.
11. A Song that brings back good memories.
12. A Song that grew on you.
13. A Song from a musical
14. A Song with a great music video.
15. A Song that's better as a cover
16. A Song that's better acoustic.
17. A Song with great lyrics.
18. A Song for the Summer.
19. A Song for heartache.
20. A song for car rides.
21. A Song for the rain.
22. A Song for dancing.
23. A Song for making out.
24. A Song for a lover.
25. A Song from before you were born.
26. A Song from a band that broke up.
27. A Song you've seen live.
28. A Song you want to see live.
29. A Song by a band you don't usually like.
30. A Song you recommend.
Day 10: A Song that brings back bad memories:

Windows In Heaven by We are the In Crowd as the first time I heard it my Grandpa (Grampy) had just passed away so I was still greiving and this song beautifully described what I was going through. Even hearing it now brings tears to my eyes. 


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