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life is worth living when u habe something to libe for so in the end we all think to ourselfs an realize we did have something to live for
so my name is xander hunter real name but im pansexual looking for some people to talk an maybe date
When someone influences you to think negatively, they take Charge of your Life and will lead you to Destruction.
&' your tattoos? (weds @7:43 am)
my hobbies include listening to incredibly politically incorrect music
((       d o n ' t     s e t t l e      F O R   H I M      b e c a u s e     h e     t h i n k s      ))
You're BeauTiFuL
     &   Y O U    T H I N K    N O    O N E    E L S E    W I L L    F I N D    Y O U    B E A U T I F U L .

Saw your boyfriend 3:08


I  really thought you were
"the one"

Eminem - Space Bound
This quote does not exist.
My heart wants roots
My mind wants wings.
I cannot bear

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