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  do I feel so alone when I'm with you?

Eminem - Space Bound

you make me

  Want to fûcking cry

Eminem - Spa
Every moment of Life is a Challenge to Choose. Some Win, some Lose.
You were the best part of my day today. I never pay you much attention. But fate always brings you near. We were paired up, you were so shy. I felt my cheeks get warm, you became more at ease. I had a long day today. I walked back into the room to find you on my seat. You were so flustered I assured you it was okay, we could work on it together. I'm glad you're getting comfortable with me. We're still at the awkward friend stage but still, I'm glad you're getting comfortable with me.
People say they wouldn’t change a thing– even if they could... oh but I would. Yes, I’d do a lot of things different.
I wish I’d spent more time with my dad when he was still alive – now I don’t have the chance. I wish I had told my brother just how much I loved him before he went off to war – but I just shook his hand. And I wish I’d gone to church on Sunday mornings when my grandma begged me to – but I was scared of God. And I wish I would’ve listened when they said boy, you’re gonna wish you hadn’t... (but I wouldn’t.)

I admit I still think of you, hold the
memory with gentle fingers, try to
wash away our sins over and over
again. But I would rather cut out
my own tongue and devour it before
I ever say your name out loud again.

– Nikita Gill

I may think of you softly from time
to time. But I’ll cut off my hand
before I ever reach for you again.

– Arthur Miller
People will sabotage your soul, ravage your kindness, vandalize your reputation and still have the audacity to ask you to love them and give them more.

Try things outside your comfort zone and that's when magic happens
Yeah lol we were pretty crazy 3:47
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