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Loving someone with depression is hard.
No matter the day you're having you must smile and wear your brave face because all it takes is one moment of weakness to set them back. Forget about birthday's, anniversaries, or celebrations because something bigger, darker is filling their soul. Kind gestures go unnoticed because they are already carrying the world. And now it's your job to take hold of that world and carry it like it's nothing and you'll shove every ounce of emotion, good and bad, that you bare so deep into your soul, it will only come out through silent tears in the lonliest kind of darkness. You'll tiptoe on eggshells. And when you slip, because you will, the horrible names won't stop. And when that fist makes the insufferable connection you'll crumble. But if a single tear falls or yelp cries out in desperation it will set it all back. So you must take a deep breath and wear your bravest face


Don't expect people to always understand you. Instead, learn to understand them. Then Accept, Forgive & Love unconditionally. This is a sure way to be Happy.
freedom of speech is not freedom of cruelty
I want to say something but I dont know what to say . (weds @8:50)
Well don't have to say anything 10:17
Yeah i dont "have" too , but I want too . Hows your day going ? (10:51)
Fine I guess. Finally have the day off don't know what I'm gunna do all day. How bout you hows work? 12:14

But what will 

  be there once the wound has healed? a scar, that never lets me forget the events that took place that night, the fight that broke us apart and wounded my heart

Eminem - Space Bound

God lit this thing within and that's how you were born
Ask yourself what kind of poison you would choose; that's personality
The walls of my body may not be as golden as you once thought but I swear the blood that runs through me runs for you

Entering the Bones

The term “big personality” confuses me. I don’t quite understand what it means. it makes me think, If some people have big personalities, then I must have a very small personality. yes, I have a timid, bird-like personality; she is meant for ocean views, snow, warm drinks, intimacy and soft grey mornings. though she is quiet, she dances; ripples; blossoms in lovelight. in trusted company, in the eyes of an understanding one, she can become quite grand. she persists and she is an intricate tree with roots of her own. she is a little timid. she is a little scared of multitudes - and she is quite small, my personality
     — But Maybe That's Okay


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