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What did he say? 9:15
Who's gonna walk you through the dark side of the morning
Twinkle Twinkle little star I wanna hit you with my car
I trust nobody and nobody trusts me. I'll be the actress starring in your bad dreams!
With my feelings on fire guess Im a bad liar

Now it’s a path of no return. I keep getting tired, I can’t see the path in front of me. Between calm and passion, which is the answer? Why is my heart ahead of my head? It digs deep inside. Your actions, the way you talk; every little thing becomes crystal clear. My foolish heart, why does it do this? Why am I hurting more? I don’t get it at all. Your callous expression hurts me, I’m in a lot of pain. The days I spend without you, they hurt so much. They hurt so much. How did you and I end up like this? "It hurts so much." This is what I’m telling you.
I hope that you listen to this song.
- Sick, GOT7



My dreams and all the things I endlessly wanted are becoming old friends. I can’t believe it at all. I yelled but all that came back was “Just go." That phrase, that one phrase, Made me gather my hands and be still like an idiot. “I’m sorry.” saying it was like a habit. A saying beyond my understanding. Save me, I can’t see in front of me. I won’t let you go, I can’t anymore. I lightly smile but My insides are twisted without anyone knowing about it. “I’m sorry.” saying it was like a habit.
- Mayday, got7



Don't think that it's weird
(I just want to have you).
even when I see you, I want to see you.
You're more tender than Spring sky
and clouds.

- Something good, got7


I  know

The kind of girl you are,         You're the kind of girl that all the guys chase, the good girl who makes everyone laugh. The girl with the living personality who doesn't show her heart has been broken. You're the girl who always puts others first and helps people succeed. You're the girl with the pretty face and hourglass body. You're the girl who everyone knows and recognizes when you walk into a room. You're the girl with lots of friends and popularity.

I know the kind of girl you are, because you're the girl,
who stole my mans 

Eminem - Space Bound
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