Quotes added on Saturday, September 23 2017

We are soft, malleable things behind our
brittle masks. We dance to the music of
of our dying days, and the champagne tastes
a little bit like sadness, but maybe if we
drink enough of it we will drown. I'm sick
of wanting things I can't have. I'm sick
of feeling sick, with my life, with myself.
I'm sick of gritting my teeth for people
who would sooner punch through them.
I'm sick of smiling for a world that doesn't
want to look me in the eyes.


when I get the strength to leave 
you, always tell me that you need me
And I'm weak cause I believe you
And I'm mad because I love you
So I stop and think that maybe
You can learn to appreciate me
Then it all remains the same that
You ain't never gonna change 


                   ust because someone treats you                    right doesn't mean they're the one.
        they're just doing what they're supposed to do.


Looking out my window, 
knowing that I should go 

yet even when I pack my bags
something always
holds me back...






It has been five years since I made this account, 
This place was once blooming and now it seems like a ghost town
This place helped me get through depression and anxiety
It led me to find a few of my close friends, whom I would not have otherwise found
Faith gives Courage to the heart and Energy to the mind to make the Impossible Possible.
Cookware sticks to a Teflon man.
What kind of films do I prefer? It depends on the substrate.
Stagger like nobody's watching. Eat brains like you'll never be shot in the head. – Motivational Quotes for Zombies
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