Quotes added on Wednesday, September 27 2017

Many people are so enamored by the glamour of the Gift of Life that they forget to Open, Understand, and Live it. Unwrap your Gift of Life and find the True Treasure.
Dare if you want to. Don't fear you'll fall. Take a chance cause it's better than never to chance it at all.
I'm a princess who is destined to become a Queen. My wondrous story has already begun. Every girl's Once Upon A Time is now. 

When you see my face 
hope it gives you hell
When you walk my way
hope it gives you hell
When you hear this song
I hope that it puts you through hell

Its havoc just been with my girls shopping. My ankle hurts coz i twisted it walking up the escalators in heels.
I'm tired of loving you. 
And restless, because I can't let somebody else. 
Do you know how bad it hurts to hear you call her hot?
To catch you staring at her butt all day long, but quickly look away when i catch you?

Makes me wonder if i'm just not good enough for you anymore.
Should i starve so I look just as thin as her?
Maybe i'll catch you're eye too again one day.

But it's sad when you're own boyfriend would rather drool over the new coworker, 
instead of calling you beautiful like the old days.

It hurts more than you think
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