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By Sharing you don't become Poor . . . you become Rich. For the more you Share, the more shall you Receive.

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My significant other and I
were told that we absolutely have to watch
"The Notebook
why? No idea
neither of us are interested in romantic films
so, it took some deciding but we just thought "why not?"
so needless to say towards the end of the movie we were both crying our eyes out holding each other and honestly that's my fondest memory of us, something I always hold onto. 
Don't let him make you feel like he's the victim
Don't let him sweet talk you into forgiving him. 
Don't let him bring up happy memories while you try to let go. 
Don't let him tell you how cute you are when you're mad. 
Don't let him see you smile when you're serious and upset. 
Don't let him hold you after an problem that hasn't gotten resolved
Don't let him laugh at you for opening up. 
Don't let him criticize you after you tell him what's bothering you. 
Don't let him see you cry. 
Don't let him watch you pack your bags. 
Don't let him convince you to stay. 
Don't let him tell you it will never happen again. 
Don't let him make promises you know he's not going to keep. 
Don't let him in..
Don't let him make you think you can't do the things listed above. 
hello all my friends and fans.



 — Ray Bradbury

"the Lake"

| The October Country

It's not the fact that you've done it,
its that you lied about it. 


A beautiful soul
ruined by this
cruel cold world


Dear men,
one day your daughter will be with a man who treats her just as you treat her mother,
hope you're okay with that. 
When did I become a mistake?
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