Quotes added on Sunday, October 8 2017

maybe we found love right where we are<3
-ed sheeran

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I wanna wrap you up, wanna kiss your lips
I wanna make you feel wanted

and I wanna call you mine
wanna hold your hand forever
and never let you forget <3

I want to have nice hair
I want to have pretty eyes
I want to have fuller lips
I want to have clear skin
I want to have longer legs
I want perfectly white and straight teeth
I want to have a smaller nose
I want to have an hourglass figure 
I want to be taller
I want to be funnier
I want to be smarter
I want to be pretty
I want to be sexy
I just want to be 
b  e  a  u  t  I  f  u  l 
so that you will love me like I love you

You are knocking on my door once again
sing about all the possibilities written in the stars
Your head swaying in the clouds
failing to see my heart laying on the ground
You are seeing the light
pushing me into the dark
Your emotions push me to believe I was in the wrong
changing my ways to fit your mold
One day I begain to fly
you saw me get strong
One day I flew beyond the clouds
you tried to bring me down
One day I left the door closed 
you failed to see I was no longer under you shadow
hate not being ambidextrous
i hate that i get surprised so easily that when just picking at my skin i have to turn off all notifications of any type. drives me crazy(ier)
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