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" i fall apart
he told me that im not enough
he left me with a broken heart
he cut to deep now im left with scars
never caught a feelin this hard
tell me you dont want me no more
but i cant let go"
" you should see the way i look when i hear his name 
I refuse to admit i still miss him but its ok 
and when it quiet im screaming inside 
wanting a shoulder to cry on
I hide it with a smile that fades quickly
im good at hiding the hurt from you
dont be scared
i wont be scared"

Do the genes you inherited determine your overall state of health or which diseases will show up in your body? That concept is genetic determinism. It makes you a passive victim since you didn’t get to choose your own DNA.

But, is it really that simple? Contemporary research is proving otherwise, and your understanding of these new insights will empower you to avoid disease, live longer with increased vitality, and amazingly, also improve the health of your children, even if you haven’t conceived them yet.

This is the science of epigenetics, and it’s capturing the minds and research enthusiasm of today’s scientists. According to a Winter 2008 article by Laura Beil in Cure magazine, “epigenetics is at the epicenter of modern medicine” and “may hold the secret to flipping cancer’s ‘off’ switch.”

This is critically important news: You have access to the protective switches through your lifestyle choices!

“The human genome still retains its status as the blueprint for the body. But the epigenome—the way the genome is marked and packaged inside a cell’s nucleus—tells a cell which of the many sets of instructions on that blueprint to follow, which ones to ignore, and which ones to follow over and over again. If the genome is the blueprint, the epigenome is the contractor directing how the walls and windows are made, and whether the plumbing is correctly installed.”

“Because it has the power to switch our genes off and on, epigenetics is the reason that identical twins, even though they are pretty much genetic clones of one another, don’t get the same diseases. And it is often the reason that a perfectly normal cell goes bad.”

Cell Biologist Bruce Lipton, in his excellent book The Biology of Belief, states that “Genes are not destiny! Environmental influences, including nutrition, stress, and emotions, can modify our genes, without changing their basic blueprint. And those modifications can be passed on to future generations as surely as DNA blueprints are passed on via the Double Helix.”

Epigenetic mechanisms have been found to be a key factor in a variety of diseases, including cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, lupus, and even autism. In fact, according to the research of Willett (2002), “only 5% of cancer and cardiovascular patients can attribute their disease to heredity.”

“While the media has made a big hoopla over the discovery of breast cancer genes, they failed to emphasize that 95% of breast cancers are not due to inherited genes but environmentally-induced gene alterations.” (Kling 2003; Jones 2001; Seppa 2000; Baylin 1997)

From “Epigenetics and Your Overall Health” also in Cure Magazine, Beil declares that “if epigenetics has as broad an impact on our health as many scientists think, it means that almost every aspect of our lives slowly writes our medical playbook. Doctors have long said we are what we eat. Through epigenetics, perhaps, we are also what we do.”

Your nervous system directs and coordinates every aspect of your systemic functioning, including the epigenetic influences upon your health and those of your kids. The ramifications are huge. Increasingly, scientists are looking at dysregulation of the autonomic aspect of the nervous system, which regulates all organic functioning and adapts us to the stresses of life, as a central component of all disease processes.

We will explore this concept further in upcoming posts as well as discussing lifestyle action strategies you can employ to gain epigenetic victory.

One key aspect will be examining how injury, stress, and toxin-induced spinal misalignments disturb your nervous system, which then disrupts critical immune, endocrine (glandular), and other system functioning, leading to altered physiology and eventual pathology (disease).

You won’t want to miss the startling research revealing enhanced DNA repair after long-term chiropractic intervention! Subscribe today so you won’t.

her mind wanders aimlessly and there is no stopping the hurricane. sanity is no longer a word.


In 12 days I will be 20 years old.
In 2011 I was 12.
The year i first joined witty profiles.
wittyprofiles was the first social media i really ever have experienced, my mom breifly let me have a facebook but it proceeded to get taken away because of whatever bad thing i was doing that was not approriate for a 12 year old girl on the internet. I was shown witty by my bestfriend and that would become my hobby. I would spend all my free time writing poetry or qoutes or look for song lyrics that i thought would get likes. I would spend so much of my free time learning how to make the quotes that people wanted to see and read, thousands of people used to grace this site with their words, creativity and bulls**. All of us going through simialr situations. wetaher it be figruing out what love is and heartbreak or learning about social norms we just can't wrap our heads around, sometimes we bonded over our mental illneses some of us not even realizing the feelings we were describing matched those of a mental illness. There were no censors on us back then, you could unleash hell in your quote and post it for the world to see. Witty seemed endless. Now here I am in college, sitting at my work study job browsing the hallow sections of witty and I can't help but feel a mixture of things. Happiness because some of these quotes I created are scattered with such pain I never believed I would survive, Sadness because I wish witty was still as explosive and beautiful as it used to be, emptiness because I wonder where everyone who grew up on here with me is at today and most of all fear. Fear of time escaping me so quickly, when my eyes first became fixated on wittyprofiles I thought  20 was light years away and now its approaching my doorstep. I'm still scared of what the future holds for me but not as much as when I was 12, things are not perfect but things are better than they once were. The old witty is legendary and could never be replicated but I do hope, one day , some how a group of pre teen kids find this place and blow it up with color and creativity just like we once did.  
Thank you witty for helping be get through my teen years

Funny how things can tell you exactly what they are and you’ll still find a way to be surprised and disappointed later.

I stay up all night with the pain.
It is
The only one that will still talk to me about you.

Things I think I already told you once in a dream

If you forget everything else about me, please remember this. I walked down that street and I never looked back and I love you. I love you. I love you so much that I shall hate you for ever for today.

cause I love you so much
I fall to pieces...
my cherries and wine,
rosemary and thyme,
and all of my peaches
are ruined, b.itch.

Lana Del Rey


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