Quotes added on Friday, November 3 2017

Maybe you were just afraid of being lonely,
but I'm honestly not sure why you chose me

My hearts still beating
but it feels like I'm not breathing

If you are not Happier than someone, you can’t be Wealthier than him. True Wealth is the Joy that comes from being Content with what you have.
I miss your voice in the midst of the night. 
I miss your hand in mine. 
I miss loopy late night giggles. 
I miss skin to skin contact just not being close enough for us. 
I miss relief from the nightmares with you by my side. 
I guess I miss you the most at night. 
Don't know what tomorrow brings,
but I'm still hoping
that you are the one for me
oh, and what if I had you?
and what if you had me?
baby, what's the reason we can't fall in love?

How can I say
how  much  you  mean  to  me
withou sounding  so  damn  stupid?
I don't  think  you  understand,

I  love  you  so  much,  it's  so  confusing. 

all my flowers grew back as thorns


i am fine. how are you all friends?
thank you wirryprofiles to you.
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