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Happiness is not the absence of challenges but the ability to overcome them.
You always come when you're not wanted, when I've moved on, when I'm somewhere worth being. Always at the wrong time.
You may have seconds In time but life is not a race when it comes to family
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its the very first breath
and it’s the lightness in the air when
youre there chest to chest
though the road’s long, and seeing light
in the darkest things, and when you
stare at your reflection
finally knowing who it is, I know you’ll
thank God that you did.
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where are you, Christmas? why can’t I find you?
why have you gone away? where is the laughter
you used to bring me? why can’t I hear music play?
my world is changing, I’m rearranging;
does that mean Christmas changes, too?
I’m not the same one, see what the time’s done?
is that why you have let me go?

   — Grief has made strangers of us.

Greenes Roofing Contractors - Roofing Company in CT
You need to know that your roof is the most important part of the home. It is considered as your best defense against atmospheric issues. May it be rain, the scorching heat of the sun, snow and dust, your roofing system will determine your protection? The roof protects your things at home from the destructive forces of the earth. More importantly, it provides protection for you and your family. A good roofing system will help control the temperature of your home. It will either make or break it. It insulates you from cold and heat.
The right roofing system should be well-maintained. If not, it can lead to detrimental results. Connecticut as a coastal state has a relatively different weather from others not found near the coast. The humid air from the sea has a great effect to the weather and the early degradation of buildings and structures.
What we do
For roofing concerns and installation in Connecticut, Greenes roofing Contractors is here to help you. We have a wide variety of roofing services and a long line of experience that can protect your roofing system from rust, fungi and even from mold.
We do not only do installation but also provide services for restoration and maintenance of roofing systems. We only believe in one thing, a roofing system not well taken cared of will cause damage not only to your home, but to your pockets as well!
Here at Greenes roofing Contractors, we specialize in different types of systems used for roofs. We are connected with multiple roofing materials manufacturers. We hold the necessary technical certifications in the roofing industry. We also provide the best warranties and guarantees that are found in the current market.
We have a highly specialized team of experts and equipment to take proper care of the following roofing materials:
Tile Specialty Metals Customized Roofing Systems Slate Shake Roofs Shingles Custom Gutter system Waterproofing and roof drain System  
We take pride in our excellent work. We only hire the best workers to install and maintain your roofing system for you. We have served and provided excellent job for hundreds of households in Connecticut area. We can assure you that our clients experience 100% satisfaction with our overall and complete total care.
Our team is made up of not just professionals but known craftsmen. We stand by the saying that “Roofing system is both a science and an art”. They will do everything the can in the best of their knowledge, skill, experience and training. Our services are tailored according to the specific needs of our clients, their surroundings and other important factors.
The Process
Greenes roofing Contractors is your active partner for maintenance and change.
We will guide you from the very start of the roofing process up to the last step. Rest assured that the entire experience will be smooth and hassle-free up to the last debris of material is cleared from the job site.
Our Guarantees
We are Fully Certified and Licensed Our team is composed of licensed in line with the roofing industry standards. They are equipped with the necessary certifications
We are Insured and Bonded We also ensure the safety of our workers, your home and family members in case of untoward accidents through our bond and insurance coverage.
We are always here for you We are your partners for maintaining your roofing system. We are also your partners if you need to change it. We ensure that we will maintain an open communication with you for monitoring and proper servicing.
We are here to protect you by maintaining a good roofing system.
Contact Us:
Address: 9 Highland St
West Hartford, CT 06119, USA
Phone: +1 860-200-2907
Website: http://greenesroofing.com/
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