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main names: Rowan, Nichole,kameron
Rowan walked the halls as if she was searching for something but wasn't quite sure what she wanted to find. She walks with her head held low, and walked with a quick pace. Her thoughts were the only thing that could distract her because no one really bothered to talk with her, besides her one close friend Nichole. until one day........
"Hey Nicki, whats up?" Rowan asked. "Nothing much, but i got to go to class, ill see you 8Th period, love you Ro."," love you too nicki". i said bye to nichole and then i started to walked to class with my head held down. the someone walked right into me, and i dropped everything. "hey, im so sorry i wasn't looking where i was going and i had my headset on and i should have mayb-" Rowan looked up and cut him off," hey, its okay don't worry. things happen" Usually rowan would be shy pick up her things and walk away, but she felt like she shouldn't move so quickly away she looked up at him into his eyes and she felt someone she hadn't felt before, so she didn't know how to respond to the feeling, all she knew was the feeling wasn't bad so she continued whatever was happening. "thank you for being so understanding, i'm new here" kameron said. Rowan giggled a bit and blushed slightly." yea i assumed that, by the way your so nice unlike most of the people here." Rowan was being very calm with him, which was un expected to her, this would for sure never be an action she wouldn't do.
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