Quotes added on Wednesday, December 27 2017

i hate how when im trying to do my eyeliner when i mess up i just make the wing bigger to cover it up and then i mess up again and it just keeps getting bigger and bigger until idek who i am anymore.

There's beauty and grace in the flaws of your face
All candor and style in the crook of your smile


 I'm not looking to be found
Just want to feel unlost 



i never minded
          BEING ON MY OWN, THEN          
something broke in me and I WANTED TO GO HOME.


Then you kissed me - I felt
hot wax on my forehead.
I wanted it to leave a mark:
that’s how I knew I loved you.
Because I wanted to be burned, stamped,
to have something in the end-



                   STAND ALONE & CURSE AT THE SKY,
                 I STAND ALONE BESIDE YOU... I'VE
                    NEVER FELT SO ALONE IN MY LIFE...


format-br0kenwings LEAVE THIS HERE PLEASE.



  a woman 

should not have to be 


in order to be


format-br0kenwings LEAVE THIS HERE PLEASE. soak all my clothes in holy water


soak all my clothes in holy water



 i try to stir my conscience though it was never really there


 I was looking for a miracle, but I got a story instead,
and sometimes those are the same things

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