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im a home wrecker .

i know that you like me, kiss me with your eyes closed.

i know that's your favorite dress,
set fire to it.


  And when you think of me
am I the best you've ever had?

Listening to lana del rey is the only thing ...

There's only two ways that these things can go
Good or bad
And how was I to know that all your friends
Won't hold any grudges



format-br0kenwings LEAVE THIS HERE PLEASE.

wHen You HoLD me I’m aLIve,
were like diamonds in the sky.
at first sight I felt the energy of sun rays,
I saw the life inside your eyes.
© format coded by: br0kenwings
Please don't remove this, or make it invisible!


I watched your mouth moving like a tired machine
Trying to plead with me
Trying to swallow me whole.

It's been a while
Since I've been gone and away
And I watched your eyes reflect me in a terrible way
As you cast your gaze to the flickering hall.

And you knelt beside me and
You started to pray
And the whites of your eyes blackened
With a hardened decay
And you talked to me in a broken voice...


Why waste Life trying to have more than what we need. Why not rather Enjoy Life by using what we have
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