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​                                     If you are not smiling,
                                    ​You're doing it wrong!

​        I decided that I'm worth it.
    I decided that I will fight.
​I decided I will not harm myself.
​I decided that I will struggle.
​I decided my depression can eat it.
   I decided that I wil love myself.

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we sometimes weep in front of a mirror not to inflame self-pity, but because we want to feel witnessed in our despair.

There are many who live Life in Fear, without taking risks. Alas! Not only are they missing chances, they are missing Life itself!
softly say
yes to your truth
yes to your many roses
yes to your scent that levitates
yes to your thorns
yes to the evolution of soft souls
softer to softest

my soul got kicked in the nuts
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