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I am weightless free as a bird,ready to soar with scared wings and a scared heart.I am beautiful a tongue like a heatwave; abrasive and relentless.With my heart on my sleeve and my eyes on your soul. I am broken i am scared. I am stitched together with years of I love yous,and just as many years of allowing myself to believe. I am no longer hollow, I am free.
Online product design software from No-refresh is the ultimate choice for businesses that are planning to start a t-shirt business. Loaded with ample of remarkable features and functionalities, the tool offered by the company is sure to take your business to new level. With the help of professional designers, the company has designed a tool in such a way that both experienced and new comers can use the tool without any hassle. This software is one of the perfect options to meet custom t-shirt needs as it is rich in various features like cross-browser compatibility, shopping cart integration and many more.
Various tools introduced by No-refresh:
1. T-shirt design tool
2. Skin design tool
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4. Sign & Banner design tool
5. Web to Print Design Tool
6. SAAS based T-Shirt Designer Tool
Contact Details:
Sector B-1, Vasant Kunj, 
New Delhi, India
Post Code: 110070
Tel: +1 510 400 7605
Email ID: hello@no-refresh.com
Website: http://www.no-refresh.com
my names devan, i'm currently 18 years old turning 19 in may. i know that really isn't important but to me its everything,  you see. i lost my grandpa on my 15th birthday due to oral cancer. i resent that day. and now i hate my birthdays because of it. me and my grandpa were two peas in a pod. we did everything together. every weekend we'd go to our favorite chinese buffet and eat till we couldn't anymore cause that was our favorite food. i miss him so much it hurts more than anything and i think that thats why i'm so broken today. he took a big part of who i was when he left and i don't know how to get it back. i'm in school right now and i can't even focus on my school work cause all i can think about is him and its making me want to cry. but i don't want the other students seeing me at my weakest. i'm going to my boyfriends after school for the weekend like i always do and today is our 6 month anniversary and honestly i'm dreading it because of how i feel right now. i just want to be held by him till we fall asleep. i don't even want to celebrate our anniversary. not that it has anything to do with grandpa i'm just really depressed. i could really use a friend or something 
Nice to be able to work with you near and far

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