Quotes added on Friday, January 26 2018

Life without Freedom can't go far…it's like a Brake that stops a car!
The world is a dreary place indeed, what happens in the past affect the future, the mistakes done may not have a cure.
Who knows what you could've done before? But it is too late now, wish you could've done more.


What is life to be exact?
What made you done such an act?
Was there a way to fix it before?
Was the chance no more?

I've done many stupid things in life, I've lost friends and I gained enemies.

Don't let these things stop you from living, for everything has a meaning.
The world is a small place, for every problem there is a way, it may not be now or the next day.
A solution can be found, when you use your heart and approach it in a different way.
I seriously need new friends whether it be online or in person. Anyone want to be friends on Instagram? I go there more..
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