Quotes added on Sunday, February 4 2018

Someone's breath, that heavy sigh that I couldn't understand. Someone's breath, even if I can't begin to understand, how can I argue with it? Even if I don't understand your sigh, it's okay. I'm thankful at least that you're sighing. How can I argue with that breath? How can I get upset when I hear your sigh. It tells me you're breathing. Still. Even if I can't begin to understand. I respect you. Even if I don't know how hard it's been, it's okay. It's okay to get tired. It's okay to run out of breath. But this sigh. Please let me hear it, at least one day more. /Heavily inspired by Lee Hi's song, Breathe. RIP Jonghyun/
It's strange, all the things that would satisfy me have dismantled. It's strange. I looked forward to this day and it's here. This time looked brighter but the fog must have taken away all the hope and innocence. It's strange. When you're young, you have time and vision. I have the money and time now but no passion. Is it laziness or lack of satisfaction. I wanna check out early, I know I haven't hung around long enough but nothing worth hanging around for. It's strange. Doctor tell me about how happy kids would make me. How sad my parents would be if they outlived me. It's strange. I don't feel a thing.
I'd never take my own life that's beyond me. Just thinking out loud. How does it feel to be the reason I stick around. Smile at me more, make the corners of my lips turn up. Without me knowing I always smile back at you. I sing our songs, I feel happy for that moment in time. Keep me around longer I don't have much else to do. Call whenever you feel like it, I only want to hang out with you. Don't be too pressured, you sense my desperation. I'm not kicking the bucket, I don't give myself that power. Just do what you do. Be the one person who doesn't act like I'm different. Be the one I can talk to.

I'm a dandylion,
you're a four leaf clover


 Let the music seal your fate, yeah
You can run, but life won't wait, yeah

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