Quotes added on Wednesday, February 7 2018

All to thee my Blessed Savior I surrender all 

There are people who are dancing through Life and others who are crying through Life. The irony is that Life is the same—what we do is purely our Choice.
I wonder how I'd feel a month from now. Summer is always the hardest time. Can't wait for Autumn. I have more distractions in Autumn. Summer is the time I differenciate between distraction and purpose. I love the vagueness of Autumn. I love being so preoccupied with life that I can't think about minuscule things like happiness.
This year, would you step into my life? Just this year. I think I've waited long enough. You owe me nothing but...how about this year? Please this year. I'm willing to hold onto hope for this one year.
Stay handsome, smile at me more. Take care of yourself. Eat well, sleep lots. Don't overthink too much. Stay as you are. This is all for the selfish me. 
Someone's breath, that heavy sigh. How could I blame you for that?
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