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The 5 Elements of Successful Team-building Exercises 1. Setting expectations. Define objectives and create consensus on behalf of the overall goal of concluding the team-building exercise as quickly as possible. 2. Motivating. Encourage a shared sense of purpose and enthusiasm toward concluding the team-building exercise as quickly as possible. 3. Delegating. Acknowledge and positively reinforce each team member's strengths, in order to establish ways in which each member can contribute to making the team-building exercise conclude as quickly as possible. 4. Problem solving. Identify challenges to the attainment of key objectives; undertake group brainstorming to determine approaches that can overcome obstacles to concluding the team-building exercise as quickly as possible. 5. Affirming. Celebrate the team and its accomplishments as you depart the area where the team-building exercise was held as quickly as possible.
We only hate what we don't understand. What we understand, we hate, loathe and despise.
Coffee is black. Coffee is matter. Therefore, coffee is black matter.
ā€¦ But I monogress.
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 I only have myself to blame
But do you think we can start again?


Forgiveness this taste all but poisons my mouth
I scream but nothing, nothing will come out
You've gone to far

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