Quotes added on Tuesday, February 13 2018

we can stay forever young
living on my sofa, drinking rum and cola
underneath the rising sun

how do you not let your brain get the best of you? your mind knows you're crazy but your brain still wont catch on...your mind knows the anxiety is not logical but the brain continues to go haywire...how does one remedy this?
i realized how much you meant to me but i dont i ever meant anything to you
no longer what you once were,begging and begging,to be that once more.To that, i love you,but its not worth the hurt.i dont know about you,but you were once everything to me.now you're just plain, old nothing.

Knocked me down, but i took you with me.Fell in love with you, but you walked away.Help, i'm in this pit all alone.I was never pushed, and I never tripped... Why am i down here..Alone?

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