Quotes added on Wednesday, February 14 2018

'we all flirt with death, we feel like we're incincible..."
A lot of new things happening these next few weeks. Nervous and excited. As lame as it sounds, I feel like I'm living again. Months ago, feeling emotions other than "😶" was beyond me. My depression is definitely still there. I just think about dying a lot less, and that's progress to me.
You can tell your best friend she's beautiful 400 times a day and she won't believe. Then some stupid boy comes along and tells her she's beautiful and she believes him. Why didn't you believe me when I said it first?

One thing I love about haters is that I know the people I truly love, truly love me back. And that's the only love I want coming from.

Wanna test me? Go ahead, I ain't gonna do crap. I learned that kids run around and run their mouths until they're tired. So, I'mma let you do your thing. 💚

I found no cure for the loneliness
I found no cure for the sickness
Nothing here feels like home
Crowded streets, but I'm all alone

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